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Get public key

GET https://{domainname}/client/v1/{customerId}/crypto/publickey


The crypto API allows you to retrieve a transaction specific public key from our server that should be used to encrypt sensitive data, like card details.

You should always use the encryption functions provided in our SDKs even if you are not using any of the other functions provided by the SDKs. The implementation of encryption functionality can be tricky and small errors can have big consequences.


The request does not have any additional input parameters.

Request example

SDK: Android

This scenario you will probably use the most

  • // In order to call this method, you must initialize the Connect SDK first.
    	{ publicKeyResponse: PublicKeyResponse ->
    		// Process publicKeyResponse object
    	{ apiErrorResponse: ApiErrorResponse ->
    		// Indicate that an API error occurred
    	{ failure: Throwable ->
    		// Indicate that an error occurred


Please find below an overview of the possible responses.

Response 200 - OKPublicKey

The response contains the needed input for the encryption process.

Property Type Required Details


The identifier of the key that is used to encrypt sensitive data


The public key that is used to encrypt the sensitive data with. Only we have the private key and will be able to decrypt the encrypted payment details

Response example

SDK: Android

This scenario you will probably use the most

  • {
        "keyId" : "86b64e4e-f43e-4a27-9863-9bbd5b499f82",
        "publicKey" : "MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAkiJlGL1QjUnGDLpMNBtZPYVtOU121jfFcV4WrZayfw9Ib/1AtPBHP/0ZPocdA23zDh6aB+QiOQEkHZlfnelBNnEzEu4ibda3nDdjSrKveSiQPyB5X+u/IS3CR48B/g4QJ+mcMV9hoFt6Hx3R99A0HWMs4um8elQsgB11MsLmGb1SuLo0S1pgL3EcckXfBDNMUBMQ9EtLC9zQW6Y0kx6GFXHgyjNb4yixXfjo194jfhei80sVQ49Y/SHBt/igATGN1l18IBDtO0eWmWeBckwbNkpkPLAvJfsfa3JpaxbXwg3rTvVXLrIRhvMYqTsQmrBIJDl7F6igPD98Y1FydbKe5QIDAQAB"