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Third party status poll

GET https://{domainname}/client/v1/{customerId}/payments/{paymentId}/thirdpartystatus


Through this API you can retrieve information that is specific to a payment.


Polls a third party for the status of the payment.

Currently only available for payments performed with payment products 3012 (Bancontact) and 863 (WeChat Pay). In the case of Bancontact, it is used to determine if the customer is paying using the Bancontact app and if so, what the payment status is.

Request example

SDK: Swift

This scenario you will probably use the most

  • import IngenicoConnectKit
    let clientSessionId = "<clientSessionId from Create Session>"
    let customerId = "<customerId from Create Session>"
    let baseURL = "<clientApiUrl from Create Session>"
    let assetBaseURL = "<assetUrl from Create Session>"
    let appIdentifier = "<your app name>"
    let session = Session(clientSessionId: clientSessionId, customerId: customerId,
                          baseURL: baseURL, assetBaseURL: assetBaseURL, appIdentifier: appIdentifier)
    // Retrieve this ID with a createPayment call that you have done via the S2S API
    let paymentId = "<id of the current payment>"
    session.communicator.thirdPartyStatus(paymentId: paymentId, success: { thirdPartyStatusResponse in
        // Process thirdPartyStatus
    }, failure: { error in
        Macros.DLog(message: "Error while retrieving thirdPartyStatus: \(error.localizedDescription)")


Please find below an overview of the possible responses.

Response 200 - OKThirdPartyStatusResponse

The response contains the current third party status.

Property Type Required Details


The status returned by the third party. Possible values:
  • WAITING - The customer has not connected to the third party
  • INITIALIZED - Authentication in progress
  • AUTHORIZED - Payment in progress
  • COMPLETED - The customer has completed the payment at the third party

Response example

SDK: Swift

This scenario you will probably use the most

  • {
        "thirdPartyStatus" : "WAITING"